Q & A

What is a 'quedding'?

A ‘quedding’ is exactly what it sounds like – a queer wedding! For us, being queer is more than an identity. Our queerness is both personal and political. Our queer approach to love means following our own path, even if it doesn’t fit with normative expectations or dominant systems of power. Queer love means centering communication, trust, and accountability. It means recognizing our responsibilities to not only each other, but also our communities.

A ‘quedding’ is a commitment – to our relationship, and our chosen families. We have invited you to come and witness this commitment, and share in the celebration.

Is the 'quedding' in-person or virtual?

Both! We are doing a small in-person ‘quedding’ and will also be livestreaming the ceremony.

When is the RSVP deadline?

We ask that all guests attending the in-person ‘quedding’ RSVP no later than August 20, 2022.


Will the 'quedding' be indoors or outdoors?

The ceremony will be outdoors. The rest of the ‘quedding’ will be indoors.

Can I bring a +1?

As we are reducing the number of people that will gather in-person, we are unfortunately unable to accommodate additional guests at this time.

Are kids welcome?

Yes! We have a number of children that will be attending. We will be arranging for optional childcare services at the venue. The venue is also accessible for strollers, and has high-chairs and booster seats available.

What should I wear?

We will be dressing up, but feel free to dress to your comfort.

Does the venue have parking?

Yes! Free underground parking is available for all guests. The parking lot entrance is off Mt. Pleasant Road at the south end of the restaurant. Guests must bring their ticket up to the restaurant to receive a token to exit the parking lot. 

Overnight parking is also available, however guest will not be able to access the parking lot until 10:30am the following morning.

Are there accommodations near the venue?

There are no hotels nearby, so we recommend finding an AirBnB. Let us know if you need help finding suitable accommodations.

Is it required to be vaccinated against COVID-19 to attend?

All guests will be required to be fully vaccinated 14 days prior to the ‘quedding’. Please bring proof of vaccination with you.


How should we join the livestream?

Will technical assistance be available?

Yes! Our livestream technician can text or call to help troubleshoot. Should the ceremony start and you are unable to connect to the livestream, a recording of the ceremony will be available at a later date.

What else should I know?

Your camera and microphone will be disabled for the duration of the ceremony. Shortly following the ceremony, we invite guests to enable the camera on their device to participate in the photo guestbook. Your microphone will remain muted.